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Glock, Inc.

Glock USA has its own web page.  As of this writing, it has been "under construction" for approximately five thousand years.


A huge resource for Glock information, Glockmeister is probably the most popular on-line shop for Glock parts and services.  Glockmeister's web site contains free information about a variety of topics (e.g., test of trigger pull weights with a variety of aftermarket parts).  There is also a page where you can enter your Glock's serial number and receive an email from Glockmeister telling you the date your gun was manufactured.


GlockWorks is another Glock-only gunsmith and gunshop which has a net presence. Based in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the folks from GlockWorks can be found at most of the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation matches in the Northeast.


ARO-TEK, Ltd offers a variety of Glock accessories such as laser sights, compensators, releases, and much more.


Mike's Unofficial Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Page has tons of info on GSSF events, including schedules, scores, and advice for your first shoot.

Oleg Volk's Personal & Private Photo Gallery

Some of the pics at this sight are courtesy of Oleg Volk's Personal and Private Photo Gallery, which has a number of excellent high-resolution Glock images along with plenty of other exceptional photographs by fellow Glockster Oleg.

Micro Mano's Glock Page

Micro Mano's Glock Page is the home of the Top Ten Reasons Gaston Glock Should Be God list.  He has a reprint of the Chuck Taylor 100,000 round G17 torture test, among other information.  And Micro Mano is the fellow who created the excellent rotating Glock image you see at various places here at The Glock Pages.  Thanks Micro Mano!

Goran's Glock Homepage

Straight from Denmark, it's Goran's Glock Homepage!  Be sure to check the "RESOURCES" page for the entire Glock owner's manual in downloadable Word97 format.


TopGlock. A new source for all things Glock. Check them out!


Glockster -- The Purveyor of Glock Perfection -- has a nice web site with information about the different models Glocks, GSSF, and more.

The Unofficial Glock Website

With it's own message board, The Unofficial Glock Website is maintained by David John Davis.



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